MP50Di Latest Version (2014) – a delayed post

06/07/2016 Didik Wiryawan Do It Yourself Hiend Audio

Hi Mosfet Lovers !

After 5 years past and my promise, this is the latest version of my MP50Di that can run pure Class A. Difference to the first version is a separated supply rail to enable you to run in pure Class A by reducing voltage rail of the final power mosfet and increasing QCurrent to , depend on the Mosfets are used, 500-1100mA. Using 2SK1058/2SJ162 or BUZ900/905, QC 500mA – 600mA with 32V supply is enough, however if use IRFP240/9240, you need to run hot with 1000-1100mA per device.

VR for unmatched 2SK170 on differential input was added and you can also set its bias to meet your personal taste.

MP50Di ClassA Final Schematic (2014)

Set up manual, will be followed soon…..

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