MP50Di Latest Version (2014) – a delayed post

06/07/2016 Didik Wiryawan Do It Yourself Hiend Audio

Hi Mosfet Lovers ! After 5 years past and my promise, this is the latest version of my MP50Di that can run pure Class A. Difference to the first version is a separated supply rail to enable you to run in pure Class A by reducing voltage rail of the final power mosfet and increasing […]



JFET-MOSFET Power Amplifier

11/07/2011 Didik Wiryawan Do It Yourself Hiend Audio

Welcome to mosfet lover community JFET-MOSFET Power Amplifier  Ir. F. Didik Wiryawan Adhi Prasetya Jakarta, Indonesia A lovely country with endless attraction. In the era of ’70 until the end of ’80, the audio amplifier manufacturers competed with each other offerring superior technical specifications in terms of the wide frequency response, total harmonic distortion and intermodulation distortion that under […]



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